The Schleiffen Man 24 hour walmarts and k-marts abound 001015
startfires ample parking, day or night! 001209
jenny enny dots the elegant luxury of Neiman Marcus has been demolished and replaced with yet another Walmart... 040204
misstree espresso and dried apples
and a beautiful view in a beautiful house
that i'm just inhabiting while the owner's away
remind me of my odd curse:
often to know luxury,
but never to attain it.
amy with ever the vaguest attractions as a single person, i have the luxury of developing crushes on this or that person, without much consequence, besides, of course, disappointment.

i always go for unattainable situations, anyway. and if it's not unattainable, it's not a crush. it's a very thick brush where the only sane answer is to turn around the way i came....
what's it to you?
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