realistic optimist mysterious,
you intrigue me.
at each turn, i am rapt,
savoring each nook
and anxious for more!
delicately, i probe
tracing, caressing,
and like a sleuth,
investigating every single
fiber of your being
with my mind,
with my eyes,
with my tongue...

like a treasurehunter
i hunger for more
consumed by the desire
to watch you unfold
before my senses,
i investigate still further
like a madman possessed
greedy for each unveiling
lapping up your revelations
drinking in your essence
until i am obscenely drunk
from the fruits
of your intricate vineyard.
monadh i can tell there is something
buried deep within below here
something from the future

there is an inscription i can
see in a dream something
i have never seen or sensed before
there is something buried here
gnagna ohuk
kupo dadi
oldephebe realistic so rule!!!! 031006
jeni ooOOOooooo... 031007
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