Raina in my opinion, what I am about to say will not matter as much to you. 000927
silentbob it never does, but it is always a good thing to get it out, to express it, because, well, then you have taken that step. You have risked vulnerability 000927
Raina you can take it how you want to. The only thing I can do is say it. 010918
silentbob but that isnt quite right. i'd like to feel ok sometimes, and take certain news a certain way, but how i take it is how i take it, and rarely how i WANT to take it. 010919
quietly arrogant the english teacher says it's not necessary to state that - if you're saying it, of course it's your opinion

unless you argue things you don't believe (sometime good course of action when you want good grades, pleasing authority)

tell them what they want to hear
Tropylium The internet shall introduce evidentials to English. 060314
bricks peanut butter, 4 gigantic melted marshmellows, cinnamon and melted chocolate, IMO 060314
what's it to you?
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