somebody Good nonsense seems as though it might be decipherable. Bad nonsense is clearly indecipherable.

Good nonsense hints at hidden meanings or esoteric messages. Bad nonsense hints at half-wittedness.

Good nonsense evokes something, even if it doesn't evoke much. Bad nonsense evokes nothing but irritation.

Good nonsense is fun. Bad nonsense is useless.

Good nonsense keeps the entertainment of others in mind. Bad nonsense cares little for anyone else.

Good nonsense builds love and amity. Bad nonsense builds resentment.

Good nonsense is justified by the delight induced in others. Bad nonsense is too stupid to induce delight.

Good nonsense is human. Bad nonsense is also human.

Good nonsense indicates a sense of humor. Bad nonsense indicates desperation.

Good nonsense breaks rules because it has something to say, even if that something is quite trivial. Bad nonsense breaks rules because its producer is angry, jaded, and/or too unintelligent to produce something wittier.

Good nonsense fills one with bubbles. Bad nonsense fills one with lava.
jane good nonsense is creative. bad nonsense is repetitive. 071106
iwazaru bad nonsense is discovering that the plexiglas barrier is missing AFTER the monkey starts flinging its own shit 071106
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