whirligirl when i start to try to be girly (someone told me i should be trying harder), i start to not like being a girl. but if i don't try, i think girl is far superior. 000716
Seven Inch Nails Girly Magazine. I was trying to find pudenda, I would have settled for puddle. Ofcourse girly magazines are the wrong place to look for big purple pudendas. Why? Would it drive all the poor unfortunate losers crazy to see what they want at the deepest animal level, and can't have? Ofcourse when all is said and done there is something to be said for manners and dressing well. 001229
flowerbed on a cloud Every now and then it pays to be girly!

And it rocks a lot too ^^
smurfus rex "I cut down trees,
I wear high heels,
Suspenders and a bra...
I wish I'd been a girly,
Just like my dear papaaaaaa"
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