Silmarillion I bet you fools don't know what it is or what it sounds like.

You can hear one in the gallery in Uru.
sab how very elitist of you.

no really, i'm very impressed. find a not-very-obscure instrument and then stamp it on blather to show everyone how knowledgable you are.

gosh. you must be very clever. will you teach us, the great uneducated masses, more of your wisdom? i cannot wait to learn what other things you wish to blathe on to show others how intellegent you are.

because, you know, the popular culture version of australia isnt the sydeny opera house and an aborigine playing the didg, is it? its not really australias most recognisable instrument, is it? and noone in the world has seen lisa simpson playing it in the gift shop in the australian episode, did they?

and of course, there are no other australians on blather. so your the only one who knows.

here. have a medal.
. I guess you loose that bet. 060722
arabesque bwaaroorooroorooroorooooowaaaarrooo

ffd todger 060722
flowerock I want to play one between the sound of the fog_horns in the bay. 150612
what's it to you?
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