jennifer I used to know a girl named Pistachio
who looked like Jenna Elfman
so I used to watch Dharma and Greg all the time because she moved to San Fransisco and I never heard from her again
wolfmoon Dharma and Gregs a T.v Show and Dharmas a Hippy 001129
woolfmoon She walks around with a
Smiles all the time
wolfmoon Because she said that she
so she doesnt know who
is her best mate
tourist I tend to think I have a fools dharma,
to trustingly wander in and out of harms way oblivious to the consequenses.
Trusting without judgement those I meet.
So good, so far.
pete dharma.. the untranslatable (or so i'm told) sanskrit word that means anything from the law, the duty, the teachings, the sacred way, age code, birth rights, fate, true path, destiny, ect.

also the father of udysitra in the mahabrata, the eldest of the pandavas
How can * Manjusri's_Gatha_Teaching *

Dharma is inner defilement called;
Reliance thereon implies an object.
Since subject and object are not all embracing,

dharma lead one to perfection?
. http://www.dharmaradio.org/ 050420
Piso Mojado follow the Buddha 050420
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