meg the cat beats the cradle
crosses the line
be afraid

my life
in the cradle
pete the cat's in the cradle and the silver spoon, when you coming home dad? 'i dont know when.' we'll be together then dad, ya we'll be together then.

slowly it rocks back and forth
the baby sleeps
so innocent
so safe.
to be a baby again...
silentbob will rock 040404
Filthy Ninja i just can't stop thinking about Cradle of Filth and the stuff they talk about in their awesome songs ... well, to make it kinda short, it's like romantical stuff but with vampires and succubus and werewolves and all that crap !! may sounds retard but it's pretty cool ! ! and Danni (the sing) write some kick ass lyrics !!

and btw I can't wait to taste my absinthe
what's it to you?
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