Jennie Rose I know that I am charming. I know the way I walk makes some men breathless... I know that I am aloof, unreachable, tantalizing...
I know that they yearn for me, like candy, like power, like recognition...
Why is it, then, that the one person I want to charm ignores me as though I smelt of week dead fish?
zavyman There is always that charm
That I see in your eyes
I think that no one else
Can see what I see in you

And I always wonder
If you can see this in me
For I would feel strange
Knowing that you
Do not share this charm with me

But nevertheless
I do not forget
I return once again
To revel in that charm
That changed my life
That changed the world
raina magically delicious or devilish?

regardless, I have tricks up my sleeve
what's it to you?
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