Doar yes you John Q Public can help us out in apprehending these deliquents. just call the tool-free number on the bottom of my shoe and help us corner this misbegotten wretches before they come to a blathe near you. 050802
Moron and the blathe gone bad "tool=toll" 050802
Lemon_Soda I liked tool-free better

nobody likes a tool and having a garuntee I don't have to talk to one is a big deal with 800 numbers.

Death of a Rose blather #1: oh geez, that blathe smells a bit off. why don't you just trash it already?

blather #2: because i like to keep interesting bacteria cultures. dontcha think it looks a bit like moses?

blather #1: you are just a gross disgusting person, aren't you.

blather #2: coming from you that isn't an insult.

blather #1: but...but...

blather #2: ass...ass...
. . 050803
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