Toxic_Kisses Majestic willow asleep on blazing purple meadows,
Awake slowly drink in endless flower perfume,
Savor Autumn.
Subdued azure stream delicately weaving freely
Along the chaotic path of life
sunrise creamy, palatable, palpable freshness gem-like transparance as a glaze 020803
pushpins a swift melody grazing my skin, a song of blue unifying all splendor into one rich moment, a hesitation's breaking point. 020804
tricky Fairuza Balk's first name means this. I guess she was named after the color of her eyes. 060227
Tropylium "Axure". Just taste it. So awesome that it ought to be promoted to a primary. Not that I have anything against blue, tho; this site's a lovely shade of blue. But the sky, OTOH, is definitely a lovely shade of azure, not blue. 060314
Tropylium Wait, "axure"? Danm typo's. 060314
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