imposter "We will do just wonderfully, you and I. . ."

au revoir
ashmanzhou and the last worldly thought today
flying away oh so lightly soaring
i can see myself bathed in warmth
and heavens song all around me

and then i fall
girl_jane and the last of the leaves will shiver down to the snow-covered ground

and I will curl under a blanket alone-wondering why there's no one with me

I'll think of how I've had guys want to marry me...and why I said no

I'll think of how I'm too young to settle

I'll think of how I have my career ahead of me-how busy I'll be trying to get work

I'll think of how lonely I am-like the shivering leaves-

I'll shiver with them, and wonder which man will be my first last.
what's it to you?
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