me? also know as international relations.
the last season of the year.
chaos at its final state.
after math comes more math... like calculus and topology...
kittenqueen like selecting the path of continuity 000114
lotusflower comes calculus. 000229
Vangelis FLY (But:First things first) 000620
Vangelis I told you! Ufff! 000620
lesser corvid and in the aftermath of their misunderstandings

for miles around
hearts laid to desolate waste
like bombed-out buildings
in a war zone

there would be the inevitable rebuilding

but the losses were permanent
Marjorie When the sounds of everyone are suddenly heard
And the minds that blocked out the world
Are suddenly free
And the people who held your heart
Suddenly break it
And apologize
While they sweep it up
and laugh
skiblu after math my energy is drained and i just want sleep 000724
what's it to you?
who go