silentbob every time i think of your smile
the way you laugh
the way you love that song
that film, that joke
i'm overwhelmed with a shiver, an unnerving but beautiful shaking
that sends me to this place i only know in my dreams
and its all because of you
Wrong no
it's you
it's you
it's always been in you.

(Fun loving CriminAls)
=cup finals

puppy take my toilet paper away.
my clown will catch some goldfish!
divine madness a love, a sweet adoration
taking me
throwing me to the heavens
with each 'iss
each caress...
to make me wither away with the wind
if your arms aren't around me
or your lips lingering on mine..
you a sweet temptation
the consumption is pure adoration
emmi stop following me you fool! 060527
what's it to you?
who go