Farool Every. Little. Bit.

And you'd be worth giving up more too.
hsg when we say something is "worth_it" we usually dare not specify to spare our ego the insult. but to which this "it" refers is effort.

is X worth the effort. and what i have found through direct_experience is that effort itself should be our first_cause of mastery.


master_the_art_of_effort mtaoe "m tao e"

and the christian_bible, which should be recycled, even in its molested pages remains,
" no_effort_goes_unrewarded " -x:x
In_Bloom The flame, burn and smolder
Smolder bolder older
I don't waste anymore
My moves are forward and lateral and up
Occasionally under
It's all worth it
You're worth it
Show me you see some of this same world too
does it ease the pain? would never have met Esther otherwise, so today I'm saying

yes, it bloody well does
jio jio 100215
lux is it? 100216
shpaaaaaaaaaaaa shpaaaaaaaaaaaa 141204
what's it to you?
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