:..S e e d S.:...o f...:.L i g h T..: Is yours to keep forever.

Do you understand?

It's a mystery
placed in an enigma
stored inside a secret
gaurded by the truth.
florescent light everything I give
I give with my whole heart
or I cannot give at all
unhinged is the dichotomy of happiness 010814
mahayana [is one less thing for another to take away]

[:: hey who wants my shite if i cant move it all ::]?
god don't expect to get paid for it. 020620
. . 050710
andru235 in that case, allow me to give you the letters ZA 051014
andru235 here, have [[[ aliveness ]]] too 051014
andru235 i wanted to be left out of it anyway. 051014
hsg and that which you hold onto will be taken away.

you are left with love: inalienable.
you are left wise.

the tighter you grasp at it the further it slips.
open your h and there she sits.
unhinged doesnt come back 140721
flowerock recycles 140721
what's it to you?
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