realistic optimist Johnny badass squirmed in his
plastic and plywood crib
eager to be out from under
the weight of knowledge forced.
Johnny squirmed for another reason:
the 2 40's chugged between periods
were eager to be out from inside
the confines of his bladder.

"Yo, i gotta take a leak," declared Johhny.

The class snickered at this breach of classroom etiquette.

"The word, Johnathan, is 'urinate.' When you return i'd like to hear you use it properly in a sentence."

"Yeah, whatever," opined Johnny Badass.

After painting the porcelain, Johnny smoked a red, to buy some time to come up with something to satisfy that old bag. Upon chuckin' the butt in the urinal, Johnny completed his treatise on "urinate."

Strutting back into class, tendrils of stale stifling smoke building blanketing barracades in the sinuses of those he passed by, Johnny took his seat, aware of the numerous eyes on his person.

Non-chalantly building the moment, Johnny remained silent, awaiting the cue from an impatient teacher to "grace them with his grammatical construction."

Clearing his throat, Johnny boldly stared into Ms. Krabbgras' eyes and declared:

"Urinate! ... And if ya had bigger tits, ya'd be a '10!'"
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