Tank mine smell today, they never used to smell at all, (well sometimes of roses), but now they smell like the sweaty cyclist i am... 000803
startfires powder_fresh 001207
silentbob i cant find my antiperspirant. i usually use deoderant but i decided to try it. i dont like it. and now ive lost it and have nothing. but i havent started smelling yet and its been over a week i think. 001207
tourist A good place for a climbing partners feet to avoid the symptoms of Frostbite due to exposure to damp snow.Not bad for your own Hands on a Cold and Frosty Night either. 001208
COLDandBLUEkitty mine smell BAD.
a third,
the fact that i don't bathe regularily.
a third,
there's lots of hair there- it makes me sweat.
and a third,
i refuse to wear deoderant.
these three things make me smell BAD.
what's it to you?
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