oren wrenching the warmth from my soul. 051123
andru235 hey oren if you lay on your side, instead the sun goes off to the left; maybe this will conserve your soular heat supply 051123
***r@|\|$c3|\|d3|\|@|_*** serene as the horizon tucks it in. The sun also rises. 060903
Soma it's going down
i'm going down
down the steps
down the street
down the stairs to your apartment
and the sun is hidden
and our secrets are buried deep
not just skeletons in closets
but bones laid in concrete
Ouroboros michael gave me a poem once, one i cannot find or remember- it goes something like this-

here we watched you go down, sun,
as if for the last time.
thank you for the morning.
what's it to you?
who go