typhoid watching packets flowing through(ing)
droplets of information
bubble scorn needs want no pain. telephone rings through the hole in the rain. mother cows sleeping the ride to spain?
andru235 from here, to there, and back again
oh the routes
oh the routes we take
from certainty to doubt
one returns to certainty

how easy it is to forget to remember! yet, nothing is changed in its absence. or rather, everything is changed; no, nothing. everything. nothing. everything.


eventually it will come. oh, how i know that. oh, how i don't know that. oh, how not knowing means that i know. that i know i know not, that i know not that i know i know not, oh. oh the irritation.

wait. what, do i look like a waiter? like an appointment apologist? what, do i look like an appointment apologist? sorry, but i said i'd say that at this point, no? there's nothing wrong with that, yes? no?

everyone has their (-)path(y)s.
what's it to you?
who go