unhinged they say don't_feed_the_troll

but the spambots around here persist
in their sociopathic indoctrination
of practically meaningless things
that are supposed to mean something to everyone else

'my way is the only right way
so i insist on taking over the public domain
and force feeding everyone else with my beliefs;
that's not wrong. it's the way the world is meant to way'
REAListic optimIST rollseyes are enrolled sighs
upon which pained ears dry
from hot wind blowing south
from spambots' tireless mouths

to say we've learned nothing
insults students of zen;
to say it will end soon
admits we don't know when

when all is said and done
victim count is but one;
wasting time in this way
keeps one from fruitful days
what's it to you?
who go