pete i'm tired 050620
green tea road. pathway. forest. mud. forest. hill. pathway. road. home. 050620
Lemon_Soda 050620
pete i avoided the mud, where possible.. though a few tiems i almost slipped into the river when i went more into explore the coast instead of run along the trail mode 050620
l roads are like waterways.
waterways must eventually fall- or at least they do in my home as glorious waterfalls- agressive and placid.
water always leads to trees.
trees are what i dream of when i'm in lecture at school.
school sometimes feels like a farm- cattle being prodded in certain directions and only allowed on certain fields on certain days- or alternately, sits beside a farm.
and i've never felt more at home than when i'm on a farm.

not tired or delusional.
there's no such thing as coincidence.
six degrees of separation.
what's it to you?
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