typhoid separation need not be painful 000404
bethany oh joy oh rapture!!!!!!!
i usually stayed inside with the guinnea pigs
coz in 2nd grade i got a swing thrown at my face and it knocked out 4 of my teeth
then in 6th grade i got a tetherball to the head and 6 stiches....
lost a family heirloom claddah (sp.) chasing richard haggerty around for a kiss in 4th grade
same year the slide killed 3 of my bracketts....oh it gets worse
but i never let the boys look up my skirt for money....oh,no no no. i had more smarts than that, just turned tricks during spin the bottle ,with the 8th graders, who had real $$$, behind the track. i always had to smuggle the bottle out though, but it was filled with change afterwards. j/k
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