Philifledermaus A man came home one evening from work to find a strange black and white creature sitting forlornly on his doorstep. In generous mood, he invites the creature in, whereupon it's first act is to run to the refrigerator and devour all the poor guy's food. It then runs around the house masturbating furiously. Some time later it pops its fat all over the furniture, and makes a hasty exit through the front door.

Perplexed, he looks it up in some books, and finds this definition:

Panda: Furry black and white mammal, eats shoots and leaves.


(Also, this is the only thing in the world that can accurately be described as kkepable.)
filia genma soutome 000907
Effingham Fish That's Saotome. What am I saying? 011206
niki that's what my friend Kate calls me...especially hen i talk about my unrequited love for my guy friend 011206
Ian banana, bamboo, fajitas 040505
god panda fixation panda fixation panda fixation panda fixation panda fixation 040506
pigeon i'm so hungry I could eat a whole panda! 040806
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