Effingham Fish The Great Worm wrapped around our world, slowly eroding the edges as it eats itself from tail to head. 011210
sabbie our rob or ross... poor little blighter. 011211
sleeping tonya a_perfect_circle 011211
demitriamondethraam When¦it¦has¦chowed¦itself¦down¦all¦the¦way¦to¦its¦head¦(which¦is,¦itself,¦doing¦the¦chowing-down)¦it¦will¦very¦closely¦resemble¦my¦lifespan. 011212
ever arthropodified nice visual with the tagmata. 011212
gertrude sting green beans eat green moons
red moons eat red beans
backwoods joe like Charlie kauffman 031013
katie oh row bore ose oh reaux beau rows o bohr ohz so row borows so row burroughs ourobouros 050102
infinite borrows o's uureuxbureaus 050102
exangel o beautiful for spatial skies in amber waves of gradient on purple mountain majesties upon our fruitful plain old days america america Lord shed Thy grace on thee and crown thy good in darker hoods from see to shining seas 050102
jane not just biting its tail but
swallowing, engulfing,
choking greedily on
itself, its end disappear
ing into its beginning
(or is it the other way around?)
its life was born from
death - circulating unto
itself eternally____
what's it to you?
who go