werewolf lying in the gutter but i'm looking up at stars, humming the lines i know from an old hank williams tune, the noise of laughing and drinking and bars, falls under the stare of a cold distant moon. 030818
pipedream regular night, i come up the stairs
and light floods the landing
so i stop
and stare
silver orb, mistress of the seas
resplendent in your mystery
and regular night has changed into a timeless ritual
of wide-eyed people lifting their faces to the moon
bathed in light
lost in the infinity of it all.
pipedream i read somewhere that women always affiliate themselves with the moon. something to do with months and changes in time, but the general thing was women and moons go together. would that mean that men and suns go together, and wouldn't that be kind of sexist? but ironically enough, i prefer the moon to the sun; night to day. 030818
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