Espinacas husky wee wee
never seems to be.

i like it when its free,
but also with some tea.

nothing like this weird country..

oh.. listen..
listen to our national anthem.
go ahead stupid BICOTS
freakizh secondary effects of beans. 010716
birdmad corvus_imparatus 010716
Dafremen Gabachos Tontos
Viva Mexico!
Viva La Raza!
ClairE mexican_jumping_beans 020103
kerry whistling from the truckbeds and rooftops... "hey chica, how you doin'?" 020103
birdmad you wouldn't know i was just by the sound of my voice.

i used to catch shit from the other kids in my old neighborhood that i didn't sound like them, funny thing is that now we've all grown up only a few of them still sound like that either.
nor i wish i could be a mexican.
but i'm more of a mexicant.
"cheech and chongs next movie" "mexican americans,
don't like to get up early
but they have to
so they do it
veryy slowlyyyyyyy"

(this is very true, at least for me)
what's it to you?
who go