mary_had leg of lamb 000808
Miner Mary_had a fantastic opportunity to explore the skies on the back of an underwater polish mountain squirrel, but she couldn’t afford the insurance fees, and so she was forced to look after sheep and write soppy novels to sell to an un-appreciating public. Sad how much control money has on our life. 010509
owko mary had quite enough of people making up stories about her life. she was really a quiet librarian from sweden 010509
carden a little lamb that was very naughty. she cooked her lamb and covered it in bbq sauce and threw a party. 010510
Ahmad Mary_had
a sad life.

looking at dirty shit-coverd sheep all day. what kind of life is that?
Elzbieta Mary had cancer. It ate her from the inside. I watched it kill her. 020905
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