coolsoundingme i keep a close watch on this truck of mine.
i keep my valves wide open all the time,
but my paycheck - it is such a crime.

because you're mine

line guy: (n.) the lowest on the aviation totem pole. commonly referred to as lineman, line service, or the more derogatory ramp_rat. without this person, don't expect the airplane to start rolling. or stop, either, because they're the ones that chock the wheels. and dump the shitter. and fuel the plane. and load the luggage. and supply the food. and are lucky to break $8/hour while at the same time being entrusted to engage nearly every system of an $80 million jet.

Management hates the line service department at every airport. and he's still gotta smile every time some snobby too rich for words prick asshole with a brat 5 year old wearing gucci gets off the plane and looks at him like he's not classy enough to make eye contact with such modern royalty.
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