Quintessensual Once upon a time, you knew a bug was an insect. If you found a bug in any code, it was likely some criminal code, probably California's; and the bug already would have been "corrected" between two pages, that usually were easy to spot. Now a bug is often not subject to taxonomic classification, must be hunted down in code before it can be corrected, and can be ignored sometimes but never corrected by slamming shut a book. 991217
ClairE Survey_says, yes, a butterfly is an insect.

I like to look things up.

I like ants better. Flying_insects have always scared me.

A moth dive_bombed my shirt the other day. It hit as hard as a Beanie_Baby would have.

Sometimes insects fly into my mouth. I really don't like that.
ilovepatsajak all ink blots look like insects to me 011204
ilovepatsajak little romero told us a story about an insect for hours when we were in italy. i took a buttload of pictures of him. 011204
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