Harumph! "Harumph" is no mere "hmph". It is a special thang. It ain't nothin' but an h-thang, some have theorized. It's like "hmph", with an added dose of cynicism, merriment, and garlic. The garlic is what challenges people, especially if they are vampires. Which they probably aren't, admittedly. But who knows? Not I, that's for fucking sure. 060223
Guess Who! As if it isn't you! 060223
harumph did i offend him?!?

i caught him looking at me, smiling, three times. each time i smiled back.

then i let him catch me smiling at him, but the smile he returned was estranged.

when he left i said goodbye and his response was cold; his eyes, averted.

closet case? or did i misread him? being gay can be so excessively obtuse, as if "being" isn't obtuse enough as it is...
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