Dafremen This song is dedicated to all the poor sto0pid misguided little girls out there.

Frog Balls(In Search of Prince Charming)
by Roger Dafremen

Frog Balls
(Swimmin through a space between the lines)
Frog Balls
(Like a'slippin up and gettin left behind)
Like a snake on its belly with a copper head
Took a look round the ground and found yourself instead
Frog balls...frog balls...frog balls...frog balls...frog balls

Frogs comin..seem to come just fine
Wind she's blowin...blowin all the time
Love comin..comin soon you hope
Sweet love comin..prince charming down your throat

Frog Balls
(Live with the burnin, burn to make some time)
Frog Balls
(Live with the hurtin, happens all the time)
Like a fish with its belly in the midnight air
Felt the thrill, took the spill felt the chill out there
Frog balls...frog balls..frog balls..frog balls..frog baaaaalls
Fli Frog balls blowin' in the wind.......
(to be continued)
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