~gez~ what a word. all i have been able to come up with previously is obsessive. i am devoted to you, thats got a nice ring. going to change my screenname to that, if anyone has MSN messenger add this dude for a freaky conversation 020821
Devalis Olivia Newton John sang that song “Hopelessly Devoted To Youin Grease. She was kind of a pansy in that movie, and looked way too old to be in high school, but I can see where she was coming from, kinda. At least with the devoted part. My b/f isn’t acting like he doesn’t know me to save face with his friends, always a good thing. But the devotedness, yeh. 020822
unhinged psalm_of_devotion 040102
nomatter not obsessed, DEVOTED 040102
three words disney_is_evil devoted economy 100119
*sigh* Hopelessly.
To you.
what's it to you?
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