david gilmour in pompeii where would rock & roll be without feedback? 020905
god shorter notes. no time to sneeze. 020905
david gilmour in abbey road studios fuck, i wasn't in pompeii when i said that! it was on the pompeii vhs, though. the one with extra footage from the dark_side_of_the_moon sessions 020905
silentbob died for our sins 020905
god jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine 020906
Teenage Jesus Dammit Dad, you MADE me do it. (Dave_Christ would have been a much better choice. He'd have probably been drunk; he wouldn't have known what hit him!) I'd have rather been...

"Standing by the Nile
When I saw the lady smile!
etc etc."
gilmour by the nile _more_ 020906
Teenage Jesus "That cat's something I can't explain..." 020909
syd lucifer_sam 020909
gull you know, dahling, it's a case of... uh... i mean, it's... um... where would rock 'n' roll, sort of, be without it?

fuck, that takes me back
and i shouldn't be here.
sorry to invade your space.
i know i've pissed you off now.
i wasn't trying to. sorry.
what's it to you?
who go