Philifledermaus popular courting spot for many an old school goth 000506
psycho insomniac Festering bodies mask the land and are laid to their final rest. Each one, with it's own story, each one, with it's own life. Marked by large marble stones with ingraved names and dates. Familys still come to mourn, to visit, to speak to their deciesed loved ones and share the news of their lives as though they were face-to-face.
This is my home... I am the gate keeper. My father, the care taker. We watch over the land like it was our own little garden of the dead. We don't fear death, and we dont wish for death. We only respect death, and cherish life.
nemo billy_mckinney has worms. 040308
sandra najaf cemetary is full of the dead, and not all of them are dead yet. 040823
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