Alexander Beetle On some days, the only thing separating the ME from the THEM (or the YOU, as the case may be). 011029
god freeway jam 011114
devalis hard to do when writing in cursive. 020823
jane i don't like typing in capital letters
it feels too formal
Lith The hell you say! I always capitalize and punctuate, so there. Take that. Anyhoo...yeah. Perhaps I didn't really need to respond to this.... 020824
~gez~ totalatarianism 021125
Jeca i think i have been stuck halfway between capitalization and non-capitalization since I discovered the wonders of instant messaging. punctuation slows down the thoughts! 021125
tourist I often capitalize to Emphasise
It can be used to Stress the Importance
of a Written word in a way similar to
Inflection of a Spoken word.
Jeca you Sound like Whinnie the Pooh... 041105
somebody yeah, yeah. so you Caught me. 061130
what's it to you?
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