florescent light I sit and I dream about dreaming
In my dreams, I am happy, content, perfect.
My loneliness has languidly disolved
In a blanket of warm fuzziness that envelopes over, within, throughout me
Like being caught in a butterfly net of love.
Invisible Butterfly who wants to go catch butterflies with me?! o c'mon puh-leazzzz!!!! 020705
marked . 031030
Doar sure, as long as it's catch and release. 031030
the marker emotions do dissolve and re-form like that, like an ocean, sometimes calm, sometimes a raging storm, like a beach, shifting dunes... in fact, cycles and patterns are so quintessentially natural. 031104
three words hello_i'm_eliza
we_had_a_burning butterfly_net
flowerock Seem so violent, butterflies the delicate pollinators, dancing through time. 151222
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