MollyGoLightly today was waking up too late and getting off work too early.

i wanted one of those sandwiches but the place was closed. also there was a scary-eyed boy behind the counter of the gas station. and people yelling and waving at me.
lost i like the sunday brunch at this mexican restruant called Don Pedricos. 011002
scottsdale circa 1990 champagne, orange juice, pistols, foie gras, briefcase full of money, dubious transaction,bagels and lox, working girls and rent boys and hired muscle

croissant, and scones

capitalism on a sunday morning
fairydust i brunched with green monsters in the park,
at a little cafe,
i could see parisians walking about,
and tomatoes on my plate,
but i had a bagel,
and delight befitted me in this state
when i knew where you were
and i knew what you wanted
and i had all the time in the world
to make you hurt
for me
because i hurt for no one
what's it to you?
who go