delial 1960s large eye, colorchanging; japan is embracing her yet again. you think she has a large ego to match that head?

her mondrian ensemble has got to be my favorite..
pete she doesn't exist, yet she seems so real. she fills the gaps in the days, her words echo in my ears. she's a whisper_in_the_night. in this ring on my finger she lives. no where else, except in my pen, and in my mind.

she is not an imaginary friend, definitely not an imaginary girl friend, but the product of a mind that asks itself 'what if?' her personality is real, she is a composition of people, too many to name, not enough for her to be real.

so, miss blythe, what do you say? will we go run in the thunderstorms today?
unhinged painting soon to be paid for
best in show
and it's mine all mine
what's it to you?
who go