klarchen Dammit you are coming with me for a little spin,
when they come in.

If you don't come,
I'll kick you in the shins.

So there.
Midori I will come with you klarchen.
Right after I leave this hell hole.
klarchen And soon after I count my lucky stars. 000804
cazzi i love them 001228
cazzi i take that back. 010101
tyrsia whirling circles in the little bird tummy. childlike dissection to count her intestines. 040122
New Zealand girl death Dancing on my wrist

Sliding on her red tears

Hurting but not hurting

In fith period someone sees them dancing

The dj gets in trouble
three words hard_blue_veins_in_the_wrist blades i_spit_on_your_groove 050331
what's it to you?
who go