hsg panorama_seeing_one_unconditional_love

psoul is the Pyramid's soul, the pyramid soul, the pyramid's all.

thI Standard_Operating_Procedure... SOP.O.V.

a silly work rating your point_of_you.

thiSOPOV is a DOT . sop(LovE)dot DeepartmeantalOfTransportation

imagine: [{{s(til)l}}owly] reaching your point.

i magine the speed of light, now u magine the ve(L/R)ocity of the imaginati!
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hsg ?? !

"that's good! now all you need is a box!"
-Patrick Star, SBSP
fuffle yeah, my mummy made me a cool robot costume once, i won the robot drawing competition and the costume competition all at the same time. but they still didn't give me a bumble bee badge :(

that boy looks like the milky bar kid but i'm too young for him, and he doesn't even know i exist at this school. i'm not in your league boy, you already made that clear years ago!
what's it to you?
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