Deomis Not your standard pretty-face-on-the-wall
type of beauty, but the type of beauty
that simply is. The type of beauty that everyone seems to overlook. You ask me what I see in my friends? That's what I see.
So many beautiful people seem to be about these parts...
You were all
beautiful people
to me.

Thank you, and goodbye.
z and to you. 050612
Lemon_Soda Beautiful or exceptional.

These I surround myself with.

Then again, people are, they just don't realise and thus it shines a little dimmer.
skyburst777 goodbye. 050613
stork daddy monashee 050613
misstree shimmmer shimmy shake
and dance under my moon, sometime
you're always invited.
pete beautiful mind and beautiful eyes 050720
what's it to you?
who go