nebt_het bite backs and fronts
side ways perpetration
ejaculation constant manifestation
of gnawing flesh tasting
mental penetration
proclaimation of intense
back biting
sisqo hater so like i'm going into the club, and i'm sayin' to my friend...
"hey, you got my back."
and he's all like,
"sure, of course i got your back! we're baughs rite?!??!!"
and i'm like, (to self) "what kind of an asshole would question friendship?"
and then, as i'm gettin' jiggy w/ it on the middle of the dance floor, here comes my friend, sliding behind this fine behind i was dancing with.

and she thinks he's cute, and starts backin' that thang up in his direction...

and now i'm all alone.

cuz he's a fuckin' backbiter.
*spoons* on dannys back the red ring of teeth marks left by none other than...bobby 001230
god ferns on my sill? 011006
randomly recent dear me, sisqo, how will you cope?

what's it to you?
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