jennifer I think this movie was the most profound movie of my life (save "star_faries" and "the_harlem_globetrotters_meet_snow_white"), and it really made me scared of santa claus, and lamps made out of mannequin legs. 000602
MollyGoLightly jennifer, will you please give me a Red Ryder B.B. gun for christmas....i asked santa claus, but all he gave me was a football. 000602
Brad You'll shoot your eye out 000602
KinkyWinky i know this is waaaaaaaaay of the christmas theme, but someone once gave me that same warning during a bout of frenzied masturbation. 000602
blown cherry i love this movie I love this movie I love this movie!!!!!!!

I've tried to watch it every year at Christmas since I was nine (that's 14 year now!), but the past couple have passed me by I'm afraid.
That and White Christmas.
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