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Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine:-

A quote in the magazine on Powell’s thoughts about his Feb. 5, 2003, appearance before the U.N. Security Council. That presentation was designed to convince the world that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction.

Two months after Powell’s address, the U.S.-led coalition went to war against Iraq. No weapons of mass destruction have turned up.

As for the military action against Iraq, Powell has said it was authorized by U.N. Security Council Resolution 1441, approved in November 2002.

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Appropriate_relationship of 1441 &
UN authorization for US military action:

'The US ambassador to the United Nations at the time, John Negroponte, had said that while Washington reserved the right to act if the world body did not, 1441 was not the same as UN authorization for US military action.

"This resolution contains no hidden triggers and no automaticity with respect to the use of force," Negroponte, now US ambassador to Iraq, had declared after 1441 passed.'
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