Mc. Blah with fries If you sit down and rest at work... then your not working... not working will get you fired... getting fired will get rid of your paycheck... having no money means having no life insurance... your family will get no money if you die... your family will suffer... all because you sat down and took a rest during work... sit responsibly... 000413
miniver Let's live in the ditch
and hunt cows by the light of the moon.
You and me.
no she had more wangs in her than a chinese phone book 020112
unhinged i always felt bad for matt wang

i mean his last name was wang for christ's sake
kelli crane chung 020113
Arwyn trina? 020113
sleepyconnie WANG!!! my andrew wang. lol jk jk ok why are there so many damn wangs???!! that last name cracks me up. 020113
what's it to you?
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