typhoid information signals in the physical plane
a metaphor elsewhere
everything vibrates it's own frequency
transmit transmutations
god the chassis vibrates to a "c" note 020425
ShnizelCheese I wonder if i vibrate when i hum something. 030327
Arthur Dent This week I temped at CompUSA with Daniel. We went to Scandia after work today. I found a game I particularly liked called "Arctic Thunder." Once the game began, the seat began vibrating quite intensely! And when you pick up a "turbo boost" powerup and go even faster, the vibration doubles! So needless to say, I played this game more than once. I leaned forward a lot, too. 051001
Pto Mild vibration can be so exquisitely relaxing. Unless it is an earthquake, for instance. 060816
BnB I tend to vibrate when I get really excited, as if all the atoms in my body just want to shake themselves apart. It's a exciting feeling. 090206
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