Ariadani mm, i want scones, but i have to go sew today. maybe i'll make scones later...
"Ancient_Pagan" Americans have a vile habit of pronouncing the '-one' of this word! They make 'scone' rhyme with 'lone' rather than properly making it rhyme with the word 'on'. Americans also invented a numerous commercial flavors for the scone and transformed it from a polite palm-sized bread into a colossal splat of dough! For some reason whenever I eat an American scone I get stinging sensations in my mouth--why is this? White flour corrodes the bowels anyway! 020527
Kate Tom brought us in all-American individually wrapped bulk scones for our last day of first semester Church History class. I had never had scones before so I ate 3 before Jamie commented that they were stale and past expiration date. Tom brought in about 50 more scones than people in our class for the humor of it, and for the rest of the day, someone threw a scone at someone else almost every class period. 020527
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