silentbob i started carving her name into a picnic tables. she started saying mine in funny voices. i started spray painting her name on the sides of banks. she'd say mine in funny voices. i started carving her name into the foreheads of random people walking through the streets. she just kept on saying mine in funny voices. 011003
Annie111 With a K for kracked
A shot in the dark that actually came through
A daydream that melted out and under the fluorescent cut of the lights, was actually real

freud said that only unsatisfied people fantasize
i used to live in fantasies

i haven't had one for months
i am holding it in my hands
i can say your name and not be afraid

People look more beautiful in the dark
TerraCotta What's in a name?
Does it really define our personalities?
Or do we just live up to our names?
You know what i mean--there are certain names that really take over the way a person acts. Like Shelby or Chelsea, for example--you just know by their names that they're really stuck-up, prissy girls...
belly fire a random act of kindness from someone who doesn't even know me, not really...
took the time to carve out my name
in silver
to mark my place in stories by my bed
I would like to think of it as an act of kindness
carved out with a light heart
and good intentions
rather than feel the weight of a proposition
finding suspect curled up against the binding of my book
Fivel Why are you smiling? You don't even know me. 030214
psychobabe I may have some fucked up views, and I may be fucked up myself, but I know that you can take away everything I have and own, but if my name is taken away, which is the ONLY real thing I own, then what else do I have left.. 030604
filing cabinet hemispheres Jonni 060525
clara the cursor hovered in the 'you' field
I asked myself
Who do you feel like today?
Which name should I use?

And suddenly, without warning, without planning, my real name appeared on the screen. I looked at it, and it felt right.

Did I type it or did it type me?

Does this mean I am finally ready to be myself?
what's it to you?
who go