David A. Martinez III feelings that come out in the form of sounds...somc of the greatest things to me are the musical masterpieces by many a Classical or Contemporary composer. Yet, thinking about how such genius can come from manipulating 12 little sounds... or more..? Why when people write music they often tend to write these things that blow the mind.. yet when it's heard.. how can someone possibly think in such a radical fashion as to compose such a masterpiece beyond rationality to which everyone else either loves, or hates? Music.. is it another interdimensionary tool we can use to fathom through time and space and us ignorant human beings don't know what it's really worth? Or is it... 010515
Aimee Is the international language. Can you imagine the matrix without it's soundtrack, or even the Crow? The movie would still be good, but the music adds to the drama. I can't imagine my life without it 010515
raven is everything to me
I wake up and I start it up and it starts me up cause otherwise I'd never want to bother
prophet-mode namae will, one day, replace greed as the number two Most Frequent Reason Wars Are Started. 010730
silentbob the way you breathe under syrupy skies
hearts and thoughts they fade, fade away
psychobabe ah music, how i love thee. I'd be dead without you 011120
][ wow. 030426
NoAway It's powerful to feel so strongly about music. 030426
endless desire the other day i had my headphones on as i sped down the hallaway, and i couldnt help but slow down.
you see, music seems to bring light. . .and even poetry into the world. and im not talking about music like some long classical piece that one would just assume to be beautiful and poetic. i mean, any music. just songs that you love.
and everyone i pass down the hall who smiles. . .well it means so much more.
i can only describe it has a harmonious grin. thats exactly what it is.
musical and sweet.
and all of the sudden,
everyone has a story.
and i want to ask them who they are
where theyve been
and where they are going
and im not just saying this in some desperate attempt to be deep.
if im shallow, im shallow.
but im telling you, i just want to know everyone all of the sudden.
its magical. . .
eo I can't live without music, it plays the emotions with the same dexterity as the instruments. 030604
whirligirl four years ago, an old friend asked me, what do you feel passionate about? i was pretty depressed at the time. music was the only thing that seemed to matter, at that time. and i was just listening to it. more recently, for a couple of years, music sounded like nothing to me, it left. and now, guess what? it's back. today i went from sarah mclachlan to coil. oh, man, i love coil! now it's the cd store that has too-much-information. the difference now is that i know that it's not only the cd store. you never know where they'll take you, is the problem. 031205
een stom kind makes up most of my life. dont really know where i'd be without it 031205
tilt no Aimee, i disagree with your first post above. A film without intense soundtracking can be a hundred times better than one with. They create the feeling usually acheived with music by directing properly 050704
APRicochetMVP movie soundtrack argument aside, music really is a universal language. it's also an integral part of my life. i would go insane without my music. 050704
nom i hope there is 070321
Isaou Music;;
The only way I can sleep, headphones in, feelings pouring into my head, mending me through the night...
mcdougall rockaholic, quietophobe 070508
Isaou Beginning to tire of the somber tunes that usually accompany me throughout the day 070716
no reason "how do you know so much about music?"

"i just love it, so i pay attention."
cocoon aah. falling in love with a song. having it on repeat. listening to it lots and lots.

its so hard to not make everyone listen to it. must not spam people with music.

impossible to fathom that not everybody else is going to love it like i do - and yet you know that they wont. you keep thinking 'but its awesome! how could anyone not like it?!'

lack of comprehension
faerielord give me introspection
give me the words I can't say

give me the feelings I can't compose
give me clarity

take your time to get it right
take the confidence of those who seek you

take a passion and turn it into work
take a heart and make it sing
what's it to you?
who go